Easily integrate any public blockchain into your apps, services or products. Thanks to our API Kit, It’s your call!

The Kit  provides low-level access tools to the implemented blockchains (currently Ethereum, more coming soon or on request). Thanks to them, business may use the blockchain protocol as a service, for:

Document Validation

String Validation

Set Data

Certified Data Transaction

Asset Transaction

Financial Transaction

Request Access to Demo

Trust as a Service

Endless Possibilities

We are sure you are already thinking on how to use the API kit, but if you need some inspiration here are some ideas on how to BOOST your business thanks to our API's.

Slide Industry
Slide Insurance
Slide Banking
Slide Luxury
Slide IOT

Choose Your Plan


Minimum Contract Duration

Incognito Mode

Support Service (9/18 - 2BD - Mail)

Consulting analysis & process

Private API

High speed transactions (*)

Private API Dedicated Cloud

Basic Standard Premium
Transactions From 0 to 50.000 Up to 200.000 Over 200.000
Minimum Contract Duration 1 month 1 month 1 month
Incognito Mode Yes Yes Yes
Support Service (9/18 - 2BD - Mail) Yes Yes Yes
Consulting analysis & process No Yes Yes
Private API No Yes Yes
High speed transactions No Yes Yes
Private API Dedicated Cloud No No Yes

Services on Request

Premium Support

(9/18 - 2BD - Mail - 4h mail & tel)

Dedicated FTE Support Professional

API Integration

Application Development

* Validation times are based on Blockchain network availability

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